Millennials Travel App

Have you ever knew that  1 over 3 population in 2050 will be millennials? Millennials are the one who born between 1980-2000. People who witnessed about digital transformation or who lived in digital age.

I am a millennial. I know how eager we want to travel the world then spending money on luxurious item. Checking list with a world map is our ongoing bucket list. So, what stop us from traveling? MONEY!


BUT, you no need to be rich to travel! It is not only a slogan but an action.

Tips for you when you want to have a getaway!

  1. Stay-tuned and sign up in
  2. BUY the cheapest flight with your dream destination!
  3. Take leave when you get the flight confirmation!
  4. Download TraveChat ,  the 1st travel solution for millennials! A millennial travel app! Where all users in app are your friends!
  5. Follow the MUST VISIT & MUST TRY LOCAL FOOD in map of TraveChat.
  6. Meet local friends and experience every unique things overseas.
  7. Find the purpose of your life than only keep on working in life.
  8. Knowing who you are! Create a better life for yourself!

Travel is never as easy as TODAY!

"The world is like a book. People who never travel is like a person who only read a page of the book."

Travel when you are still young! 


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