What is future travel behaviour?

What is the future travel behaviour?

What we need is only a quick and easy travel itinerary! What is the thing that trigger us for a getaway? FREE flight ticket! The heavy cost for traveling is depend on flight tickets and accommodation. We can see people go traveling mostly when they get the RM0 Flight ticket. Now, we have lesser to spend with the help of AirBnb. What bother us to go traveling since we already got ticket and budget accommodation? Where to go? It seems quite troublesome to plan a trip from head to toe.

Do you have any good travel itinerary to share with me? Yes, of course we can google it. But somehow you still need to match what you like in your trip.Who you find a tour agency to help you settle the whole trip arrangement? as long as you have money. You can pay for the tour planning to exchange for a worry free travel solution. I bet you heard about shopping tours from ABC tour agency. You are not going to enjoy your tour which lead you to a SHOP but not a place to visit.

So, where can you get the best travel itinerary? Google from the blogs and go to do research about some travel avid page. After reading and browsing the beautiful photos, do you know where to go now? NOPE. It takes time to write down what you need and where they went in a more details way. So go and grab your pen and jot down the travel details one by one.Why not we share the travel itinerary in a more easier way?TraveChat comes up with a new solution which build upon top travel bloggers. We provide travel itinerary in just 1 click for all users to download in app and edit, reuse it as your own customized trip.

We are building a peer to peer travel itinerary platform. Travelers can turn their travel experience as an intellectual property sell in app. Experience is the best travel itinerary. All travel itinerary is FREE to download for the first 30 once it uploaded. Users can either keep in view of the first uploaded, redeem it with points or buy it with $0.99-2.99

Different types of travel method are the highlight of this platform. You can get the trip which suit your travel style in 1 click. There are variety of categories of travel itinerary plan in TraveChat. No matter you are travel like a food hunter, natural lovers, family trip with little kids. You can get all travel itinerary easily with TraveChat.

TraveChat aims to help people travel easily and happily in south east asia. You get local friends to support you once you ask questions inside the app. You travel worry free once you know where to go with the travel itinerary you got in app in advance. Enjoy your trip with TraveChat, the 1st travel solution app in new travel behaviors.

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